Luxury Villa In Marbella Sets The Tone For The Most Perfect Buffets and Cabinets in the World

The name Marbella evokes thoughts of sunny days spent on the beach or golf course, opulent yachts moored in the marina, opulent beachfront resort hotels, villas tucked into the folds of the hillside, and nights brimming with the glitz and excitement of a Mediterranean jet set destination for millions of people around the world. But in recent years, moving to this opulent resort town has also become increasingly popular. If you’re looking for inspiration to fulfill your Luxury Villa with exclusively designed pieces in Marbella, you can’t miss this article with an amazing project by Sandra Kurasz from Salanora Interior Design Studio and Raúl Vera from Marbella Studio with two incredible buffets and cabinets that you must buy!

Professionals of all types of careers are attracted to Marbella by the quality of life, the variety of services, and, even more, the chance to make a living outside in the sun. Marbella’s stylish marinas, boutiques, restaurants, and nightclubs provide a refined Riviera lifestyle that is complemented by country clubs, first-rate sporting venues, and a variety of specialized services. Together, they offer a privileged environment that an increasing number of individuals are choosing to call home.

Costa del Sol’s love affair with sleek white modern architectural styles began to evolve. After almost ten years of avant-garde cubist domination, occasionally accompanied by minimalist colour tones and interior décor, a softening of lines began to enter the scene. Also, both Salanora & Marbella Studios are specialized in luxury and contemporary interior design. This living room speaks for itself bringing classic Mediterranean and Andalusian elements by incorporating strong pop of colours and bold pieces, with the classy touch of brighter tones. Boca do Lobo are thrilled to see a curated selection of the most amazing pieces from our brand, like the one-of-a-kind Navarra Center Table, but also Filigree Mirror and Symphony Sideboard.

Symphony Sideboard

A place for family dinners, homework and dinner parties, your dining room has the potential to be one of the most frequented rooms in your home if you get the design right. If you are in Marbella, this makes even more sense if you are embracing the place lifestyle, right?

This vivid interior combines pieces like Pixel Cabinet, Halo Mirror and Newton Chandelier and looks so good that we wouldn’t change a thing.

Pixel Cabinet

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