Bar Cabinets for a Home Design by Boca do Lobo

Boca do Lobo presents some amazing Bar Cabinets that will change a Home Design. Let’s discover them:

Bar Cabinets for a Home Design by Boca do Lobo (1)

This unique cabinet features a unique finishes and remarkable design elements, inspired in the classic Manueline style. The cabinet surface has a copper leaf finish, with a black lacquer gradient applied on the exterior. Its legs are made from solid mahogany, and are crafted to a traditional form, finished in high gloss black lacquer.
Arts and Techniques:Joinery, Copper leaf application, Turning, Lacquering, Varnishing.
Materials and Finishes:Copper leaf, with black lacquer gradient on cabinet exterior; Mahogany legs with black lacquer finish.

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Bar with a base composed by mahogany. The box is made by tempered glass. Composed by a set of drawers and doors. Contains carved drawers finished in high gloss colored lacquer. Fronts are: made from mirror and polished brass handles, plated in gold; cut lacquered glass. Its structure is made from mahogany lacquered with a matt varnish. We provide a support for bottles and glasses.

Bar Cabinets for a Home Design by Boca do Lobo (1)


Cabinet Body: 1088 wooden triangles in a diversity of woods and finishes: silver leaf, gold leaf, colored lacquers, and ten different types of wood leaf (ebony veneer, African walnut veneer, zebrano veneer, poplar veneer, palisander. Interior: Two doors finished on the inside in a diamond quilted blue silk fabric open to nine drawers with gold knobs and a cabinet space all finished in aged mirror.



Baroque inspired piece with a carved base composed by mahogany. Its structure is made from poplar wood, finished with a lacquered black beveled glass. Contains six drawers and a smoked glass shelf. The drawers’ fronts are finished in black glass, lacquered in black and upholstery. The handles are lacquered in black.

Bar Cabinets for a Home Design by Boca do Lobo (2)


The base is composed by mahogany. The box is made by grey glass with a frontal opening for the drawers. The structure is made in wood lacquered in black with a matt varnish; the drawers are handcrafted and contain wadding and a grey mirror. Handles are made through foundry process.

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