Top Buffets and Cabinets by Koket

Top Buffets and Cabinets by Koket

Daring design aesthetic, high impact shows, lavish presentations and the notoriously risqué ad campaigns, have an uncanny way of conveying KOKET’s mission which is to create highly desirable empowering statement pieces. Today, Buffets and Cabinets invites you to get to know the best of this luxury brand…

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Divine Cabinet

Top Buffets and Cabinets by Koket

This utterly desirable double door pagoda top armoire is covered in delicate iridescent peacock feathers each individually placed. An exquisite metal ribbon opens the doors to a lavish interior graced with four antique mirror drawers & two adjustable glass shelves. Body finished in high gloss black lacquer, peacock feather covered doors, and base and top covered in gold leaf.

Sinful Cabinet

Top Buffets and Cabinets by Koket

Indulge in a little naughtiness, especially if you have a place to store your sinful secrets. The Sinful cabinet is the perfect mix of daring and modern. Covered in a black stingray patterned leather upholstery, valuables can be contained in sleek black glass drawers with polished gold accents.

 Mademoiselle Cabinet 

Top Buffets and Cabinets by Koket

Designed with a profound admiration and influence of the French decorative arts, the Mademoiselle Armoire will transport you to another world in a crazy beautiful kind of way. Butterfly design and handle in polished brass over a silk lining opening to an interior covered in gold leaf with high-gloss varnish, 9 antique mirror drawers and 2 adjustable glass shelves.

 Spellbound Cabinet 

Top Buffets and Cabinets by Koket

There is a sense of reveal & conceal as KOKET takes a beautiful chest form in high gloss black lacquer and adorns it in metal aged brass organic lace, revealing a mesmerizing hint of what lies beneath. Interior composed of 4 drawers embellished with organic work hardware in aged brass, finish to match exterior.

Heive Cabinet

Top Buffets and Cabinets by Koket

Dripping like honey with KOKET glamor, Heive is the Queen Bee of timeless black and gold cabinets. The alluring golden doors feature an exploding sunburst design enchanting you at first glance. For her majesty’s crowning touch, an enticing honeycomb beehive handle dares you to peek inside. Surrounded by a lux matte black frame; doors open to a matte black interior.

 Orchidea Buffet

Top 10 Buffets and Cabinets by Koket (1)

The vintage-inspired drama of this elegant cabinet captures the essence of haute style. Sensuous curves and subtle gold gilt makes the Orchidea an irresistible choice. Oval top in ebony veneer structure in high gloss black lacquer with four drawers lined in black velvet. Doors and drawers adorned with cast bronze orchid handles supported by a polished brass base.

 Camilia Cabinet

Top 10 Buffets and Cabinets by Koket (2)

Designed passionately and exquisitely by the incomparable talents powering Koket. The Camilia was created to grace the most regal of dining rooms with its elegance and splendor. Inspired by the aristocratic palaces of the Alexandrian pashas of Egypt, the mother of pearl Camilia is crowned by artisan hand-carved peacock, meticulously engraved and delicately finished in gold leaf. The structure is adorned with mother of pearl, opening to antique mirror finish composed of 2 adjustable shelves and 4 drawers.

Parisian Cabinet 


Fall under the spell of the City of Love with the Parisian Armoire. Reminiscent of the magical doors that line the charming streets of Paris, the large black doors are adorned with gold, sinful serpent handles. The interior lines with glorious fabric and antique mirror.

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