Limited Edition Sideboard by Damien Gernay

Damien Gernay ‘s approach to design is characterised by a sensitive vision of the world around us. He tries to retranscribe in three dimensions a universe of perceptions: touch becomes volume, sight becomes colour, hearing becomes a form.

Limited Edition Sideboard by Damien Gernay (6)

Material has its own lexical field that the designer tries to play with, to create his own language, based on appositions, superpositions, confrontations of materials. The object then adopts a meaning, it evokes, implies or questions. Single or multiple, its expression is coherent.

Buffet Textured - Dust Deluxe

The textured objects collection is a research into the concrete realisation of the object through a conceptual approach. Increasingly, the object is modellised in three dimensions in order to imagine its final formBuffet Textured - Dust Deluxe

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Limited Edition Sideboard by Damien Gernay (5)

“The modeling software works in stages; first of all we modellise what is known as a neutral object, which corresponds to the form of the object and only then is its texture applied. I therefore propose to take the same approach, by creating neutral forms as they are generally represented, i.e. in white and then literally project the material, the texture, onto them”, said the artist.

Buffet Textured - Dust Deluxe

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Limited Edition Sideboard by Damien Gernay (9)

Courtesy: I LOBO YOU

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