trends colors, an hallway with an brown marble console with a mirror

Interior Design Color Trends 2022: Buffets and Cabinets Edition

When it comes to home decor and interior design, the personality of the owner must be strongly present, but it must also follow trends, like color trends, to be contemporary, modern, and adapted to the lifestyle of the present.

With the new season’s fashion trends, new home trends emerge, that is to say, to update the home, using what already exists, adapting it according to trends, and adding some new pieces. Let’s find out some ideas for buffets and cabinets designed with the color trends of 2022.

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Color Trends 2022:

Buffets and Cabinets Edition

All About Green

Green is the trend color of the season, in all its shades. This color brings harmony, but also impacts an interior, and can be present in a striking piece, but also in smile details.

Some of the most emblematic pieces of Boca do Lobo are the perfect match to this color trend, such as the Diamond Sideboard, Pixel Green Cabinet, and the Picadilly Green Cabinet. All of these are statement pieces that will bring this trend color to an interior like no other.

trends colors, living room with green colors, luxury living room

The Diamond sideboard is born as a precious emerald jewel with cutting-edge lines to challenge the boundaries of form. A true expression of exclusivity and collectible design.

Layer by layer, leaf gilding is one of the most valuable and rich craft techniques. An unexpected way to give a timeless touch and carry the legacy of those who built it.

Pixel Cabinet carries the dedication and artistry of whoever built it, a variety of traditional production techniques to create avant-garde furniture that is authentic, joyful, and a perfect match for the digital age.

The Pixel Cabinet upper plays with perception and combines exceptional materials with multicolored compositions to give the cabinet a unique and striking design: golden triangles of handcrafted leaves, 10 different types of wood veneers from rosewood to African walnut and lacquer.

Remarkable and majestic, the Piccadilly cabinet sits comfortably in a league of its own.

Taking contemporary furniture design to the next level, Piccadilly’s intricate hand-carved details, impeccable application of gold leaf and wood veneer, and striking shape make it one of Boca do Lobo’s most impressive pieces.

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Cozy Curves

In the 2 last years, we spent more time at home than ever, so rounded shapes in the interior became a trend, symptomatic of a search for comfort and coziness.

Matching this curvy trend and color trends Boca do Lobo has the best selection of designs starting with the creative and colorful Monochrome Console, passing to beautiful contemporary Golden Oblong Cabinet, and ending in the eclectic and versatile Symphony Cabinet and Symphony Sideboard.

The contemporary Monochrome console embraces delicate craftsmanship and embodies cutting-edge design through its bold curved shapes and trend colors.

Carefully sculpted in fiberglass and resin, the Monochromatic is composed of three separate modules, embellished with trend colors customized by the client, and finished with a high gloss varnish.

Perfect for contemporary and modern homes, this avant-garde console conveys a seductive and fearless attitude due to its unique and bold style.

A statement design piece in a color trend stands out in any room or setting.

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The Golden Oblong Cabinet is a fusion of modern and classic elements in a highly detailed and exquisite limited-edition piece of furniture.

The modern cabinet with a trend color was specifically designed to act as a standout piece in contemporary living areas and raise the bar for luxury decor.

Symphony Cabinet is inspired by the movement and evolution of music, from the natural flow of sound to its diverse eras and styles.

Reinterpreting key design elements found in church organs, violins, and wind instrument details, Symphony Cabinet seeks to move and stir emotion like a musical composition.

The Symphony Sideboard in a trend color is a striking piece whose modern design emulates the grandeur of classic church organ pipes.

The Symphony is one of the most exquisite pieces to grace the Limited Edition collection. It is methodically handcrafted by different master artisans, from specialized goldsmiths to passionate wood carving craftsmen.

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Dark Academia

A style inspired by the old dark academic institutions, for example in the British boarding schools, seems incompatible with luxury, glamour, and exclusive design, but it is all a matter of creativity.

trends colors, an entryway with a wood guggenheim cabinet

Boca do Lobo has the right selection for this color trend, like the Guggenheim Cabinet of drawers that is both functional and aesthetic, with an old vibe that perfectly suits this style.

The Guggenheim Cabinet with its an old design with a modern twist and a trend color, keeping it simple with the perfectly sculptured wood and also, the Pearl side table, with a more simple aesthetic, that matches this color trend for its tones.

Intended to be a bar, this piece brings a new form to the Mondrian family and is specially arranged to make it a perfect home for your splendid liquors and fine distilled spirits.

Bar with a base composed of mahogany. The box is made of tempered glass. Composed of a set of drawers and doors.

The Mondrian Black Sideboard combines classic style with a contemporary vibe. Mondrian’s sideboard is born from geometric lines and unpredictably paired with stylish details.

trends colors, an living room with a Mondrian sideboard in black and silver details
Mondrian Black Sideboard

Quieter hues of white and gold bring a sense of la dolce vita, an innate sense of heritage blended with haute couture furniture for a timeless interior design.

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Shades of Brown

Brown is one of the color trends of the new season in interior design. This is a versatile color that can be combined both in a minimalistic interior, but also in a more extravagant one.

In Boca do Lobo’s collection brown is also a present color, a great example of that is the imponent Diamond Chocolate Sideboard, Heritage Sepia Cabinet, D. Heritage Cabinet, D. Manuel Cabinet, but also the Lapiaz Walnut Console, Pixel Anodized Cabinet, ending with Queens Highboy Cabinet.

With the style of a precious jewel, the new Diamond Sideboard, colored in chocolate brown, will make a splash in interior design. The Diamond sideboard is the perfect piece for your entryway!

The new sideboard also features two highly sculptured doors leading to a gold leaf interior with a shelf and two drawers. Diamond’s sideboard presents a base made from mahogany lined with a bronze mirror.

The Heritage Cabinet is a magnificent journey through the Portuguese legacy.

Covered in Azulejos, traditional hand-painted tiles, and one of the most representative art forms of Portuguese culture, the architectural office depicts different scenes from the country’s Discoveries.

A standout cabinet, the Heritage can take center stage in the most elegant rooms as its back is also fully hand-painted.

trends colors, an living room with a D. Heritage cabinet with traditional hand painted tiles
D. Heritage

Inspired by Portuguese history and culture, Dom Heritage is a cross between two of Boca do Lobo’s most iconic design pieces, maintaining the shape of the Dom Manuel cabinet, using the tile finish off the Heritage pieces.

This unique cabinet features unique finishes and remarkable design elements, inspired by the classic Manueline style. The cabinet body is covered with hand-painted tiles and mirrors.

trends colors, an hallway room with a brown  D. Manuel cabinet
D. Manuel

This unique and contemporary cabinet is inspired by the Manueline style, a style of architectural ornamentation from the first decades of the 16th century.

A perfect symbiosis of innovative design and techniques with historic heritage. The D. Manuel is a versatile cabinet for either classical rooms or modern houses.

trends colors, an living room with a brown marble lapiaz cabinet

Lapiaz cabinet takes exceptional craftsmanship and design to a new realm.

Finding beauty in the most unexpected places, this contemporary design piece is inspired by authentic karst formations.

A functional work of art born from the cold and freshly cracked to show the world rich in golden details.

trends colors, an living room with a nude pixel cabinet
Pixel Cabinet

This piece of furniture was handcrafted from the finest materials in designs as functional as they are aesthetically impressive.

The bottom of Pixel Cabinet with the brown trend color has four drawers and the top has two doors and four drawers decorated with handles in gold.

The Pixel Cabinet combines and embraces craftsmanship and techniques from different forms and artistic styles.

Queens Highboy is an exclusive piece and the perfect example of a piece with a color trend, for your modern living room or for your sophisticated bedroom. The diversity of finishes evokes sensuality and elegance which are visible upon first meeting Queens.

Angra Sideboard

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Sculptured Furniture

Inspired by art and bringing an artsy touch to the decor, sculptured interior design pieces and objects are a must in this color trend.

 Palace Display Case evokes the classic epoch of the 17th century, where princesses were carried in carriages similar to this elegant display case. 

Palace is a reinterpreted object and a delicate piece with a strong presence that builds the imagination of those distant times. This piece creates a refined ambiance for any modern entrance or dining room.

trends colors, an hallway with a white moden console, the Solo console

Soho Console is a modern console created as a tribute to Soho Sideboard and the perfect piece to decorate a harmonious entryway.

This design piece presents a collection of wood drawers with mirrors and black glass.

trends colors, an hallway with a white and gold moden console, the Newton console

The Newton white and gold console has grown from the ancient art of casting metal, where metal is heated until molten into spheres and semi-spheres shape.

One by one, each element is joint to produce an outstanding pattern and organic structure, finished in a dramatic white lacquer and gold plated accents

The Infinity Console exhales style, grace, and luxury. It is a fascinating and exclusive piece, proven to be impressive and eye-catching through its sinuous and elegant lines.

Infinity holds a shimmering aura that gets a classy touch to any living area. Stunning in either modern or classic entrance halls and a great addition to any living room decoration.


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