4 Secrets to Style Your Buffets and Cabinets

Buffets and Cabinets Blog brings you today 4 important décor tips that will help you to style your sideboard at home. Read on and take some notes!

1) Sideboards with objects placed at both ends – Asymmetrical arrangements

When the arrangements are asymmetric the displays usually seem more modern and less formal than when the arrangement is symmetrical. In the next four photos you can see examples of this type of arrangement done in an paired-down, simple way using a limited number of larger objects.

DRESSER SIDEBOARD - Find a nice large credenza with drawers and you can have yourself a gorgeous unique dresser in your bedroom. All you need next is a large mirror to lean on or hang above the cabinet for your morning makeup routine.

How to Combine Sideboards with Wall Mirrors 8

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PLANT STAND - Hipster plant lovers unite for the most perfect plant stand. Yes. Simply gather those leafy greens together on a mid-century credenza and you’ve got the looks for that California eclectic home.

How to Combine Sideboards with Wall Mirrors 10

2) Sideboards with objects placed at both ends – Symmetrical arrangements

Symmetrical arrangements are similar to the first type, but here the highest objects anchoring either end are a pair of lamps, jars, candles, or vases of flowers. Other objects, sometimes matching and sometimes not, fill in the middle. This usually results in a more traditional formal look.

A black and silver Art Deco stylised sideboard of architectural profile with sharp and bold silhouette worked in lacquered dark brown finish wood and with silver leaf detailing, emphasizing the pure and straight lines of its profile.

JET SET BUFFET BY BERNHARDT - Buffet with stripe sapele veneers and caviar finish with gold finish base. It has four wrapped doord quilted in white bonded leather with nailhead.

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DUEL LAMPS - So many homes have those spaces that just never seem to get adequate lighting. A credenza can easily solve that problem by holding two statement lamps in that dark space. They’ll work together to light up the room and create a visually pleasing design, like Donna Table lamps do.

4) Sideboards with the highest objects placed toward the centre

These asymmetric types of arrangements have the highest objects near the centre of the sideboard and then other objects placed around them forming a visual triangle. The triangle can be taller or flatter depending on the height of the centre objects. Again a large variety of sizes and heights of objects are used, with items layered in front and behind each other to create interest.


4 Secrets to Style Your Buffets and Cabinets

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