Colorful Buffets and Cabinets by Minale-Maeda

Buffets and Cabinets Blog brings you today The Wrong Colour Furniture System, an aluminum structure of cabinets designed by Rotterdam studio Minale-Maeda.

Colorful Buffets and Cabinets

Each bar cabinet is colour-coded in cyan, magenta and yellow according to its orientation. The ends of the bars pierce the plywood panels where they are attached, creating a distinctive grid pattern on the outside with vertical cyan dashes and horizontal magenta ones.

Colorful Buffets and Cabinets

The yellow components are only visible behind the legs and inside the cabinets, framing each module with a yellow square.

Colorful Buffets and Cabinets

“The name Wrong Colour comes from the idea that it is like an X-ray of a piece of furniture, processed with imaging technologies like in baggage scanners to highlight differences in densities between materials and better separate them when they overlap,” Minale-Maeda told Dezeen. “It follows the idea that the project is about transparency in production and construction, and the colours are crucial in highlighting the separate elements.”

Colorful Buffets and Cabinets

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Colorful Buffets and Cabinets by Minale-Maeda (1)“The other reason to have three different colours is that they serve as a guide in the assembly of the piece, because each plane has a separate colour so it aids in picking the right parts for each panel and later in assembling the panels into a box,” they added.

Colorful Buffets and Cabinets by Minale-Maeda (3)

The modular units can be stacked in different configurations and can be ordered with or without doors direct from the designers. “There is great flexibility in materials and colours that we are experimenting with, so custom schemes is one direction we are developing and the other is having a greater variety of module sizes,” they said.

Colorful Buffets and Cabinets by Minale-Maeda (2)

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