Celebrity Dining Rooms – What Buffets and Cabinets They Choose?

It´s widely known that celebrities live in a luxurious and privileged fashion. So we will show you what they choose, regarding Buffets and Cabinets. Usually, celebrities leave the decision making to the experts, making interior designers essential when creating their dream home. But in some cases, celebrities can surprise us with very good taste.

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Oprah - What Buffets and Cabinets They Choose?

Here we can see Oprah’s choice for her Hawaiian home, designed by Ellie Cullman. A simple buffet, yet luxurious, that fits right in the overall atmosphere, making her living room seem immaculate and perfectly balanced already.

Jessica Simpson - Buffets & Cabinets
Jessica Simpson

This beautiful golden cabinet is located in California, more specific in Jessica Simpson home. It sets a nice antique scene combined with the mirror and the 19th-century French chandelier above.

Adam Levine - Buffets & Cabinets
Adam Levine

Adam Levine takes a different approach when choosing Buffets & Cabinets. The French Art Deco wooden cabinet was a good choice, proving that his good taste extends beyond music. The nice mixing between wooden and metallic furniture that he take interior decoration seriously.

Brooke Shields - Buffets & Cabinets
Brooke Shields

In the Big Apple, you can find this breathtaking dining room with a beautiful contrast between the white walls and the wooden cabinet. Refined and elegant, this New York abode was designed by her friend, David Flint Wood.

Celine Dion - Buffets & Cabinets
Celine Dion

Finally, Celine Dion’s dining room appears to as exquisite as her life, inspiring a celebrating mood and a vintage cabinet, combining with the golden curtains and dining table. This level of living is reserved for musicians whose work will surely surpass them by many decades.

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