Wall Cabinets – The Best to Choose From

Wall Cabinets are getting very popular, with more and more designers and home owners that opt to get floating or wall mounted counters or shelves. So today we’ll tell why through our collection of the best available.

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It’s very common to use wall cabinets in bathrooms, mainly because there isn’t much space to work. We can see in this picture that the mirror wall cabinet is a nice feature to place in this case, creating a sense of endless space.

Wall Cabinets Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Wall Cabinets are a great piece to place in your living room, specially if you have enough room to get a bar counter. Just imagine how luxurious and sophisticated your parties will be.

Bar Wall Cabinet

For a modern and exquisite dining room, you can take advantage of using this type of furniture, and if your goal is to get a more Scandinavian look, it works perfectly.

Wall Cabinets Dining room Wall Cabinet

Using cabinets with floating shelves and counters seem to create more space while being fashionable and new, and once again, it can make more room for you to enjoy your resting place.

Bedroom Wall Cabinet

We finish of this collection with kitchen wall cabinets. You can guess why this a good choice (more space), but we can’t stress that enough because it really comes in hand when you don’t have room to work. This is a perfect example, the beautiful kitchen table and chairs combine with the cabinets to give a cozy and harmonious look.

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Wall Cabinets Kitchen Wall Cabinet

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