Discover Buffets And Cabinets Inspired By Music

Inspiration comes from very different places. It is usual to see furniture design that pays tribute to various themes like history, nature and landmarks. Today we will focus on buffets and cabinets that take their inspiration from Music.

Symphony Cabinet

The Symphony Cabinet is inspired by the movement and evolution of music, from the natural flow of sound, to its various epochs and styles.

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Re-interpreting key design elements found in church organs, violins and the details of brass instruments, the Symphony Cabinet seeks to move and stir emotion much like a musical composition.


The Box Project

This Cabinet, designed by Yu Kwang Soo, is called the Box Project and is essentially speaker furniture. It contains speakers and it is wired to play iPods, making this piece really inspired by music. This ingenious creation allows music lovers to play their tunes, while not bulking up their decor with big sound systems and iPod decks.

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Symphony Buffet

The Symphony buffet draws inspiration from church organ tubes, as well as the curves of the violin.

Like the cabinet design, the Symphony is hand made by experienced craftsmen, each with different specialities, from metal-work to wood carving through contemporary design and cutting-edge technology.


Letago Cabinet

The most intriguing design feature of this furniture is the shape of the doors with rounded edges. The Legato buffet surely adds not just a modern appeal to the interior but also a sense of music in relation to style.

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