The Best Creative Designs in 100% Design London

London is the destination you must choose if you want to catch the most creative designs, with lots of tradeshows. Today we will showcase some designers greatest pieces that were presented at 100% Design London

Max Kasymov

Max Kasymov’s projects have received a considerable degree of recognition in professional circles as well as among connoisseurs of design both in Russia and abroad. This studio was founded in 2013 and they specialize in creating and designing residential and public interiors.

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Duquesa & Malvada

This is a design brand inspired by the peculiar tastes of an urban and demanding generation with a strong personality, creating pieces that reflect an urban and intense lifestyle in perfect harmony with the cosmopolitan lifestyle.



A high-end metal furniture creator, they started designing hand-crafted furniture in 2014 near Villedieu Les Poeles. Their signatures are manufacturing heritage, functionality, timeless and aesthetic pieces.

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Stile Design Italiano

Stile Design Italiano presents the public with a range of outstanding and fascinating products, enriched with valued materials. Research was and is the hub at which they operate. Each piece becomes unique and exclusive thanks to Italian craftsmanship.



Viasit is a designer and manufacturer of office seating and furniture, setting international standards through its design and ergonomics with products that are produced exclusively in Germany. They export half of their production to London and have business with partners in Australia, Canada, Columbia, Egypt and India.

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