Creative Designs – Cabinets Made From Suitcases

In this article, we will show the best Creative Designs using suitcases that you can actually place in your home.

Taking care of the environment is a must in this modern times that we live in, and every day there are amazing ideas for you to reuse clothes, magazines, and so much more, with creative thinking. By combining new trends such as vintage style and old luggage, you can create beautiful and clever furniture pieces that can improve your interior.

There are many new ways to use it and you will surely be happy to know that you can use your old luggage as tables, chairs and many others pieces. Let us take a look at the list below.

Creative Designs 4-intro

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By intuition, one can assume that the best way to repurpose a small suitcase is by turning it into a nice wall cabinet in your bathroom. Look how nice and rustic it looks!


Maintaining the wall cabinet theme, you can also attach them to the wall and turn it into instant wall shelves and wall storage.

Creative Designs Creative Designs 16-craftroom

Take a glimpse at that shabby chic appeal of this craft room with a suitcase as a buffet for the cutter machine.

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Creative Designs 17-dscn1059

If you have lots of suitcases hanging around, you can combine all of them into a multiple drawer cabinet. Look at the different styles and textures in this example – amazing!

Creative Designs 18-heathered-nest

Another suitcase used as a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, in this case, more casual and modern.


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