Top 10 Modern Buffets & Cabinets – Editor’s Pick

Today we are going to present you modern buffets and cabinets design that will inspire you for new ideas and new design styles.

An organic modernist aesthetic can be traced throughout the woof and warp of Tag Front’s furniture pieces, featuring characteristic elements of refined textural and sculptural details. Honest and raw materials and a harnessed balance of complexity and simplicity are united with specific functional requirements. This exquisite credenza exemplifies this through the burl walnut and walnut veneer material selection.

This Carrocel Custom Macassar Greek Key Buffet inspires interior designers by its hand crafted luxury style.

Another one is Green Liquor has an exclusive outside look. The shelves are removable but not adjustable. It is an excellent bar cabinet or liquor buffet for bottles and glasses. This furniture series plays with the ready made language of Italian maestro Enzo Mari, beginning with rough and slightly Primitive construction opening to reveal a gemlike surprise of intense color applied to the highly refined interiors.

This 1980’s Custom Sideboard with Faux Marble Lacquer is perfect as sideboard or stereo cabinet from which to blast your favorite Duran Duran hits. Four hinged doors with magnet closures. Two compartments each with one adjustable shelf. One has a silverware drawer.

This Fine Lacquer Pink inside-out sideboard Cabinet attracts its lovers by its luxurious style. The combination of wood structure and pink lacquer finish create an unforgettable impression.

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The Antique mystery in original paint patina is the combination of unique style and antiquity.

Barcelona Dream cabinet by Cristian Zuzunaga an extraodinary designer with a graphic art profile having a language of it’s own, the key being the pixel which has given him fame and international recognition. He has said that his style is fruit to a dream he had, which is precisely the name given to this piece. It is possible to have it colored one, black and or white which are all additions to the collection.

“Ondulation” is an association of 52 squares (black and white, black tinted sycamore and oxidize sycamore) marquetry to create a undulation movement.

“Coup d Oeuil” is a leather marquetry piece of furniture opening in tow doors. The handles are surrounded in collared leather filet. Made in “Tassin” workshop in Paris .


The Midnight is part of the ‘Moonlight’ collection and enjoys a facade of pure, chiselled lines, acute angles and raw clarity. The geometric shape executed in noble marble marquetry technique, comprehensive perspective and bursts of light contrasts combine to create a powerful impression.

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