Cathedral Glass Cabinet By Antonio Aricò

When Antonio first met the glass artisan Sohelia Dilfanian in 2015, he was working and thinking about how products were made in the past: techniques, materials, and customs. Following this train of thought, Antonio decided to explore stained-glass windows as inspiration for his cathedral glass cabinet project, employing a material and technique from the past which is embedded with artistic tradition and heritage.

Contemporary design can sometimes refresh objects and typologies, giving them new dimension while returning attention to traditional techniques which are unfortunately slowly disappearing.

The exclusive design of this modern, cathedral glass cabinet designed by Antonio Aricò inspires designers by its combination of warm colors and extraodinary forms.

This amazing cabinet composed of geometric forms, which is built upon the composition of stained glass windows within a new contemporary context.

The overall aim of the project states was to blend the ‘outdoor world with the indoor’ so that when you open the doors of the cabinets ‘it would be like opening a bright window in your house’.

glass cabinet

The Cathedral Glass Cabinets are handmade by Soheila Dilfanian, an expert in vitrales art for churches in Turin: “I liked to put a touch of my art and heart in everyday furniture pieces like these cabinets and wardrobes”.

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glass cabinet

This collection establishes a lighthearted connection between the church window and our common cabinets.

glass cabinet

Shifting the cabinets to a different position in your apartment will become like moving an imaginary and fantastical ‘window’ around our house, almost melting the outdoor world with the indoor one.

glass cabinet

Over the last few years, Aricò had focused his work on the primordial parallel between craft and design, working exclusively with his grandfather Saverio, a carpenter.

This focus on traditional methods of ‘doing things’ introduced Antonio to a lot of extraordinary artisans who each hold their own unique stories. Each of the artisans and their techniques represent professions that need to be taken seriously and approached with passion.

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