30 Original and Creative Buffets and Sideboard Designs

The buffets and sideboards, like we know them today, had their earliest versions in the 18th century, but they gained most of their popularity during the 19th century as households became prosperous enough to dedicate a room solely to dining. Sideboards were made in a range of decorative styles and were frequently ornamented with costly veneers and inlays. In later years, sideboards have been placed in living rooms or other areas where household items might be displayed.

buffets and Sideboard

Today, a sideboard is a very fashionable decor piece created in many styles, with thousands of ornaments by many designers. There is industrial, glam, casual and even statement pieces that can turn your room into a museum – there is a sideboard for any taste! A modern buffet or sideboard is functional and creative, it can contain lots of things and in conditions of lack of space, it’s necessary. Wood is the most popular material to use but you can find metal, mirror, colorful plastic and even fabric or leather.

We share with you 30 original and creative buffets and sideboards.

Take a look, get inspired and pick something for yourself!

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buffets and Sideboard

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