Joseph Walsh’s Watch Cabinet Design Shows the Intricacy of Clockwork

Irish furniture Company Joseph Walsh Studio has created a watch cabinet design that mirrors the intricacy of clockwork, as well as an intertwined bench for the private collection of a father and son.

cabinet design

cabinet design

The watch cabinet, titled A Piece of Time, is sculpted from fumed oak with drawers carved from pear wood and detailed in suede. Shaped like a bulging seed case, the vessel is more than two meters tall and houses a collection of 108 watches in separate pockets spread out over 11 levels.cabinet designDescribed by Joseph Walsh Studio as “an object that at its very essence is horological”, the cabinet contains an intricate bronze mechanism – made from over 700 parts – which references the inner workings of the watches within.

cabinet design

Each of the 22 drawers fans out from the main body of the cabinet to reveal the individual compartments that hold the watches. Glimpses of the internal bronze apparatus are revealed as the drawers slide out from the sculptural piece.

cabinet design

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cabinet designAccompanying the cabinet is a seat from Walsh’s Enignum collection, made from ebonized ash wood with black leather upholstery. The seat snakes around the cabinet, curving around the structure so the clients can sit while appreciating their collection.

“My idea was to create a vessel form that would contain the watches, a sculpture, with a seat connected to it so that one could spend time enjoying the watches,” designer Joseph Walsh in an interview.

cabinet design

“The form of the seat wraps around the user but also the vessel, and the compartments within pivot open with a fluid movement that follows the spirit of the piece’s form.”

Walsh said the clients, a father, and son, had requested a cabinet that would enhance the “hundreds of hours of mastery and making” that went into each watch.

“My idea for this commission was to create a piece which would be a joy to engage with and would expand the experience of collecting the timepieces,” Walsh continued. “A way to enjoy the collection, the story of each watch and their relationship to each other.”

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