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The Astonishing Porcupine Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

Buffets and Cabinets Blog shares with you the astonishing Porcupine Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz.

The “Porcupine Cabinet”, created by New York-based designer Sebastian Errazuriz, features independently controlled slats that can be positioned to resemble the animals covered in quills.

The cabinet with all components closed.

This handmade cabinet, constructed out of sculptural painted wood slats, will be produced as a limited run of twelve pieces. Individually crafted slats that cover the sides, doors, front and back, all expand and become “flexible” to accommodate and create many different configurations – from simplistic to extreme.

sebastian errazuriz

You can see here the top and sides partially open.

The detail of an open door.

The frame is designed to house each controlled piece while maintaining a clean aesthetic on both the interior and exterior of the cabinet. Glass shelves float inside to retain an open sight line and are the only material to contrast the black painted wood used for the rest of the cabinet.

The design allows for a constantly changing piece!

All components open revealing the glass shelves inside.

sebastian errazuriz

A detail of the handcrafted slats.

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sebastian errazuriz

Sebastian Errazuriz at work constructing the frame.

sebastian errazuriz

The cabinet’s frame before slats are attached.

sebastian errazuriz The sketch process of the concept in its early stages – So amusing!

sebastian errazurizThe sketch that illustrates some of the details.

Technical drawings show the cabinet fully open and closed.

As Porcupine Cabinet opens before the viewer’s eye, it transforms from an elegant minimalist sculpture to an energetic anthropomorphic character. One knows that this is a cabinet — but much more, too.

Source: DesignBoom

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