Leonardo di Caprio

The Jagged Drinks Cabinet Designed by Leonardo Di Caprio

Today we present you the jagged Drinks Cabinet by Leonardo Di Caprio.

Leonardo Di Caprio – a Brazilian designer that shares his name with the Hollywood actor – has created this limited-edition drinks cabinet inspired by traditional Brazilian jewelry.

Di Caprio’s Ziggy cabinet first launched at Milan design week last year, where it was spotted by Miami’s Aybar Gallery curator Francisco Polo.

According to Polo, the Brazilian designer contacted him soon after, and they began to rework the cabinet together so that it would better suit the gallery’s aesthetic.

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“We decided to develop the bar cabinet as there are not many beautiful bar cabinets in the design market,” Polo told Dezeen. “We shared many drawings and ideas and finally we adjusted the size and decided the colors.”

Inspired by traditional Brazilian jewelry, the cabinet is made up of more than 1000 pieces that have been individually cut, lacquered and assembled by hand.

Leonardo Di Caprio

The jagged bottom edge is based on necklaces that were originally are made by plumes from tropical birds, while each side has a different pattern so that the cabinet changes depending on the viewing angle.

Leonardo Di Caprio

“Geometric shapes and combinations of colors of bracelets, necklaces and wedding jewels have inspired Leonardo Di Caprio,” said Polo.

“The result is a unique cabinet, which translates such geometric shapes into contemporary language by using the marquetry technique.”

Leonardo di Caprio

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Leonardo di Caprio

Source: Dezeen

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