The OMA Building-Look Cabinet Design By Naiham Li

Naihan Li a Chinese designer has taken inspiration from the OMA CCTV tower building in Beijing to create an amazing unique cabinet design. The cabinet we are speaking is a 1:100 scale model of the original building. Scroll with us and discover more about the fantastic bond that ties design with architecture!

The Building-Look Cabinet Design By Naiham Li

The original building was completed in 2012 by the Dutch firm OMA.

The Building-Look Cabinet Design By Naiham Li

The building serves as the headquarters for the Chinese Central Television company.

The cabinet is made of Brazilian rosewood and shares the same shape and patterned grooves in the original building.

Several sections of the structure open up revealing storage compartments, such as drawers with dividers.

This cabinet is part of a series entitled “I am Monument” created by Li. In this series, we can also find a bookcase with the shape of the United Nations building in New York and a bed shaped like the Pentagon – United States Department of Defense building.

The series references a legend of a Han Dynasty emperor who had the landscape of China in miniature with bonsai trees.

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This cabinet is a chance to reimagine how we look at the world and use that as a way to interact with it.

At first sight, the storage areas seem hidden within the architecture of the cabinet.

Here we can see the original building, a masterpiece of architecture that stands out from the rest of the heavily populated city.

The CCTV headquarters is a building that aims at an alternative typology of the skyscraper. The usual concept of racing for the highest possible height is left aside to create a three-dimensional space that is visible from most of Beijing.

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