The Amazing Buffets And Cabinets by Christopher Guy

Christopher Guy Harrison is a British luxury furniture designer that first became inspired by the world of decorative style while growing up in the 1970’s, one of the most culturally enriching decades of our time. The philosophy behind the brand he created is to view the world through a critical constructive eye. With elegance as the word of order, Christopher Guy continues to be at the forefront of the world of luxury furniture.

The Amazing Buffets And Cabinets by Christopher Guy

The Amazing Buffets And Cabinets by Christopher Guy

Kensington is a hand-carved mahogany long cabinet that has two outer side doors with four drawers at the center. The top drawer is concealed with a curved section.

La Bibliotèque is a tall cabinet that also works as a bookcase or display case. This cabinet features two drawers and five fixed shelves.

Petrus is an elegant and imposing cabinet that features some beautifully worked Daliesque legs.

Lés Étagéres is a tall cabinet with metal display shelving. This design is meant to maximise the impact of the objects within.

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Rivoli has handles that derived from the 1950s, Bentley. This car was spotted on the streets of London by Christopher Guy. A prime example of the inspiration that surrounds the designer.

Saint-Germain is a buffet with open shelves for tableware. The doors were designed to hold drinking glasses within.

San Marino has golden details and a red background that allow this piece to be a luxurious piece of furniture.

Savanna is the most exotic piece of this list. This cabinet features hand-carved gazelles on the front -opening doors. The top is made of marble and inside we can see a row of drawers.

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