Cabinets With Glass Blown by Studio Thier & van Daalen

The Dutch design studio has connected two antique handcrafts in their “Round Square” project to create an exclusive cabinet design. By free glass blowing and precise wood working, Iris van Daalen and Ruben Thier presented us with a magic range of cabinets to show off the most precious objects, from flowers to designer clothing, fashion accessories and even stuffed animals.

“The cabinet seems to adapt to its content as a fragile bubble. As soap bubbles on sticks, they seem to float in the air”, describe van Daalen and Thier, studio creative designers and owners of Studio Thier & van Daalen.

The charming effect of a floating soap bubble which adapts to its surrounding until it pops was the inspiration for a new series of glass cabinet combined with wood. In order to make this experience work, they used wet wood, commonly handled as a mould in freehand glass blowing, and made it a definitive part of the end cabinet design.

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The showcase cabinets collection, launched at Milan Design Week 2014, were produced by Studio Thier & van Daalen in collaboration with Marc Barreda, a mixed-media sculptor and glassblower from the Netherlands.

Collaboration with clothes designer Mattijs van Bergen in 2014 at the Bijenkorf Amsterdam, Rotterdam.


During the making process of this exclusive design pieces handmade at Studio Thier & van Daalen in the Netherlands.

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