5 Truly Unique Contemporary Sideboards Designs

Contemporary sideboards are a versatile piece of furniture that helps you out in multiple ways. Put it in any room, and you can create a unique ambiance. And much like in the world of lighting, there are plenty of choices on offer here with each sideboard bringing something unique both aesthetically and functionally. Today, we flip through five fabulous contemporary sideboards that are exceptional, striking and usher in plenty of textural contrast.

Finding the sideboard that works in your home involves making the right spatial and style choices. While some might prefer the ‘more of the same’ approach, the awesome collection that we have lined up for you today should interest those searching for ‘something different’. From the glitzy to the classy and quirky to contemporary, these sideboards have it all!

Glitz of Paramount

Contemporary sideboards

If you are looking for a sideboard that is absolutely stunning and steals the show with its oomph, then it is hard to find one better than Paramount.

With its mesmerizing doors in smoked gray or bronze convex mirrored glass with embossed titanium, this sideboard brings back some of the charms that one found in classic Hollywood Regency pieces. Yet it feels all so minimal, contemporary and even futuristic when put in the right context.

Minimalist Modern Kayak

Contemporary sideboards

More than its textural appeal, Kayak ushers in some geometric style to any space it adorns.

Contemporary sideboards

Its multifaceted and ‘chiseled’ doors in lacquered, polished black feel contemporary and minimal.

Contemporary sideboards
Yet as light hits these doors at unique angles, one can see the reason why Kayak stands out from the pack. It sure does look and feel sensational.

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Discovering the Labyrinth

contemporary sideboards

Labyrinth is true to its name as its carefully crafted face brings plenty of visual and textural contrast without ever disturbing the color scheme of your living room.

contemporary sideboards

contemporary sideboardsWith cleverly placed legs, the sideboard almost looks like it is gently floating above the ground and with some smart LED lighting, you can turn it into the unrivaled focal point of your sophisticated, urban home.

Blending Contrasts: Torino

contemporary sideboards

On the face of it, Torino seems so much more ‘grounded and common’ when compared to Paramount.

contemporary sideboards

Yet, this Cattelan Italia creation is another perfect example of combining wood with modern finishes to get the best of both worlds.

Its ‘collage-styled doors’ covered in different types of wood give it a distinct identity even as sparkling steel legs and a spacious interior complete the Italian masterpiece.

Inspired by the Boxing Ring

Cuerda is one of those sideboards that is well and truly one-of-a-kind. Designed by Emmanuel Gonzalez Guzman, this strikingly simple sideboard draws its inspiration from the boxing ring as it features ropes in the place of traditional cabinet doors.

The design feels refreshingly simple and yet is bound to draw the attention of your friends and family with ease.

With a body made from plywood, the high-strength elastic cords that give the sideboard its characteristic look are much sturdier than they seem.

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