Amazing Wine Racks and Cabinets to Complete your Decoration

Regardless of whether you want a simple tabletop stand for keeping bottles close, or an elaborate wine cellar, well-designed wine racks and cabinets can keep your wines in good shape, so you can enjoy them like they’re meant to.

wine racks

You’ll find that wine racks and cabinets are usually made of wood. A wood wine rack is resistant to rot and mold in damp cellar conditions. For this kind of wine bottle rack, redwood and mahogany are the best woods to use. They also retain enough moisture so the corks don’t dry and crack, and let oxygen inside the bottle, which spoils the wine.

wine racks

There are also options for making a metal wine rack, or a wine glass rack, specifically a hanging wine glass rack, for example.Mixing materials is also an option. For example, if you don’t know how to weld, metal may not be the best idea, but you can use metal rods for shelving, and secure them into a wooden frame.

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Wine racks can be done in various configurations. From rectangular bins,you can stack, to curved, flowing forms, and you can have anything from a countertop wine rack, to complete wine rack furniture. A good modern wine rack will store the bottles horizontally, on their sides, with the neck pointing downward.

wine racks

Even though a rustic wine rack looks good in a traditional room, this isn’t about looks. Wine racks should be placed in dark, cool locations, like a closet or a basement. This keeps the taste from deteriorating, and the ideal temperature is 55 degrees Fahrenheit, where the relative humidity is around 70%.

Well, Enjoy these tips on wine racks and cabinets to complete your decoration. Cheers!

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