The Handmade Furniture Collection by Snickeriet

Buffets and Cabinets Blog shares with you the Handmade Furniture collection by Snickeriet.

handmade furnitureCabinet makers Gunnar Dahl and Karolina Stenfelt worked together with designers and art directors Karl-Johan Hjerling and Karin Wallenbäck to produce a new collection by SNICKERIET (‘carpentry’ in Swedish), an independent furniture brand based in Stockholm.

The company’s main focus is on the partnerships and collaborations between carpenters and designers. Although the pieces do not have an underlying tone, overall, they each explore their execution, narrowing the gap between thought and reality. This means that all parts if they are not already available, are custom made.


handmade furniture

Using an angle grinder, the surface of the ‘Havet’ cabinet is chiseled to create the same effect as the waves of an ocean. After being built as a classic pine storage unit, the effect is made by hand, creating a distinctive pattern on all sides — a process which takes just as long as building the furniture piece itself.

handmade furniture

handmade furniture

handmade furniture

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‘Frank’ was made as a show of craftsmanship and a gesture of honesty towards the construction process. The maple framing is visible through the transparent plexiglass basing. The material has no history in carpentry, however, it was used as if it were wood, including the dovetail joinery and addition of the brass fittings.

‘The transparent exterior allows you to see into the cupboard, but for us, it’s more about you being able to see the inside of the material itself. By treating the plexiglass as if it was wood, the actual carpentry becomes visible, and you can clearly see its impact on the material.‘ – Karolina Stenfelt, founder and cabinet maker.


A drawer is elongated, creating ‘Verk’, a desk which puts the moving element in focus, as it is lifted and framed by lacquered steel legs proportionally too thin for the large volume. it is through this design that the drawer becomes the desk.

handmade furniture

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Source: DesignBoom