Unique Designs:The Liquor Cabinet by Ian Rouse

Whether for a residential or commercial setting, the Linnk Kabinet from Ian Rouse is one of the unique designs that could work for both.

unique designs

The high-end, handmade liquor cabinet, designed by New Zealand designer Ian Rouse, takes a bar cabinet to a whole new level with its solid craftsmanship. Made from American Ash, leather upholstery, and toughened glass paneling, the design makes it suitable to pull a stool up to or stand and prepare drinks.

unique designsThe cabinet is divided into two sides, one open section for display and another one with a drop-down door that doubles as a prep surface.

unique designsHexagonal shapes adorn the back walls of the cabinet adding another layer of character.

unique designsIan Rouse founded IRDF in 2013, with a simple aim; to design and make furniture that would be desirable to live with, and desirable to inherit. Focusing on elegant forms, considered lines, and conscious detailing, IRFD offers a growing range of designs that are a pleasure to be surrounded by.

unique designs
The style in which IRFD produces its work not only embraces the rich legacy of traditional craftsmanship, it keenly embraces modern techniques and technology. They believe that timeless design should be current with our needs and in touch with our newfound capacities to produce.

unique designs
They live in a cluttered world and want their clients to buy once, and buy well. No two IRFD pieces are truly the same. As such, This company wants their customers to value that every IRFD piece they choose to invest in has a personal touch and is one of a kind, unique to them as a user.

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They have had the pleasure of working with a wide array of clients on large scale commercial projects through to residential commissions.

Source: Design-Milk

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