Sideboards And Cabinets For This Spring/Summer Trends

Today we share with you Sideboards And Cabinets For This Spring/Summer Trends, according to some of our favorite top interior designers.

Name the design trends you’ve been hearing about over and over again in 2017. It’s pretty safe to say that millennial pink will top that list, mid-century modern is still kicking around. So what 2017 trends are on the way out?

Summer Trends

“Industrial chic has been on its deathbed for a while, but now it’s officially dead and buried,” says Timothy Corrigan. “And mid-century modern is the next style to go.”

summer trendsNick Olsen decries the end of ombré fabrics and carpets, while Kathryn M. Ireland says that “black and white is out—there will be a shift to dark blue and milky white.”

Summer Trends

What should we be looking forward to in 2018? Some of our favorite interior designers and decorators weigh in. Take a peek!

Summer Trends“Green has been missing from the market lately. It’s a color that I love and will always use and I feel it’s making a comeback. What I’m hearing from some of the main fabric houses is that they are producing and incorporating more greens again. It’s such an important color because it brings nature indoors and into the home.” —Alex Papachristidis

Summer Trends

Summer Trends

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Summer Trends

“I think we’re going to see a lot of yellow in 2018, particularly an earthy, ochre-yellow. It’s a shade that will brighten a room but isn’t at all that ’70s yellow we remember. It’s a modern neutral that’s far from boring.” —Peter Dunham

“Beige interiors are banished, making way for color and pattern, and the forgotten ceiling is now a decorating playground ready to be wallpapered, lacquered, gilded, or plastered with abandon.”
“[This year] will be dominated by patterns. Tropical vibes will be seen as a mainstay in design across the board with ’80s shapes and overscale upholstery taking place of the more tailored mid-century shapes seen prominently in the last couple of years.” —Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

“We are seeing a big return to bright and clear colors . . . people are so over gray, beige, and greige!” —Timothy Corrigan

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