Be inspired by Champalimaud’s Best Décor Ideas

The Champalimaud design studio was founded by the Portuguese-born Alexandra Champalimaud during the 1980s in Montreal, having, since then, moved to New York. It began as a small studio that, thanks to her resilience and wit, grew to be a 40-people firm and one of the greatest names in the interior design industry in New York nowadays, is highly regarded for its residential and hospitality interiors work. At Buffets and Cabinets, we present you a selection of some of their best work – so far, to give you some décor ideas.

The motto “good design begins with an exceptional story” is their inspiration for every project they have in hands – their studio is dedicated to expressing the individual character of each space through extraordinary design.

Champalimaud has partnered with its clients to create some of the world’s most distinctive properties, transforming context and heritage into compelling stories and unparalleled experiences.

Champalimaud’s atelier of designers considers all the elements that define a space-history, setting, purpose and, above all, people.

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It’s true that their designers possess a rich understanding of all aspects of a project, from strategic planning through expert craftsmanship and elegant styling, that enable the creation of bespoke luxury environments.

Champalimaud’s imaginative forward-thinking design teams are leading successful award-winning projects around the globe.

They have all kinds of décor ideas, varying in styles and colors that are able to match all tastes. The use of sideboards and consoles is common, as they present to be a key piece in all the rooms they are displayed in.

Champalimaud has many decades of experience, which makes them a top choice when looking for décor ideas.

Their projects are either residential and hospitality and they have worked with the world’s most renowned hotel chains, in many continents even!buffets and cabinets, cabinet design, exclusive design, buffets and sideboards, living room ideas, living room design, dining room ideas, décor idea

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