Discover the Frame Collection by Luis Pons

The designer Luis Pons has gained international recognition for his designs of hotels, private residences, and commercial properties, as well as furniture and home interior objects. His designs have been featured in leading international publications, such as Architectural Digest, Arquitectura Y Diseño, Architecture & Wohnen, Balthazar L’Magazine de l’homme, Casas, Elle Décor, Hotel Design, House & Garden, Interior Design, Metropolitan Home and Vogue. His works have been featured at leading international art and design expositions, including Art Basel, (Basel, Switzerland and Miami, USA) and the International Furniture Fair (Milan, Italy).

His Design Lab develops concepts from the inside out, thinking always in terms of systems. Luis Pons’ work is a breathing tapestry of sensory encounters and tactile concepts suspended in the tenuous space between assumption and dreams.

They state that their values lie in experiential design and their desire is to foster encounters of vision, creativity, and energy.

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The Frame Collection, by Luis Pons, is an entirely cabinet-composed collection, that serves as an exploration of image versus reality, with humor and irony.

Luis Pons applies richly crafted traditional picture frame moldings to 1950’s furniture, creating a unique aesthetic with a new texture language.

Typically used to conceal mistakes or embellish undistinguished architecture, the moldings become both form and function, concealing drawers and acting as handles on armoires and sideboards. Each piece in this collection of limited editions is signed and numbered.

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