London Design Biennale – How design influences emotions

As successfully did last year, London will host the annual event ‘London Design Biennale’ for its second rerun, from the 15th until the 23rd of September. This citywide design event takes place in London, in order to celebrate the city as the capital of design and to gather countries and designers from every continent to express their creativity, their passion for modern decoration and to exchange their design ideas.

This year’s theme is the ‘emotional states’ and its goal is to investigate how design influences emotions. Emotions are extremely crucial for the human ability to understand and learn about the world.

So, the designers participating in this project aim to create and exhibit pieces that provoke appropriate emotions, in order to create a positive experience for the user.

To do so, the luxury brands and designers are called to combine successfully the basic design techniques – color and space – in order to establish the proper mood of a project.

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The color is used as an engagement of the senses and can have a great impact on the positive or negative perspective of the customers.

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As well as the shades, the warmness or coolness of colors are associated with mood in a direct way.

In a design project, when used correctly, space gives the opportunity to the users to have a visual break. It creates a flow from element to element and indirectly gives information to the people about where to look, what is important to pay attention to, etc.

Consequently, every aspect of our everyday lives will be investigated in this grand London Design Festival, by the best interior designers, architects and experts of home design that will positively surprise us with their ideas.

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