Coffe table, Nude armchairs, gold chandeliers, marbke wall, wood tones, neutral tones

6 Design Ideas to Upgrade Your Luxury Living Room

The Living Room is the room where families spend most of their time, so comfort and design must be aligned in this room. A piece of sophisticated luxury furniture can transform the environment in any luxury living room. Here you will find some ways to upgrade your luxury living room with six decoration ideas to make it even more glamorous.

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Lighting Pieces : A Glow Vibe in Your Living Room

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design in any room. It is important to have different light sources, at different levels, so that your light spreads.

In this article, we are going to suggest to you some pendant lamps, which will give a glamorous glow to your luxury living room.

Nude sofa, gold coffee table, chandelier gold, black sideboard, nude rug, neutral tones in a luxury living room

The suspension chandelier Brubeck Spiral by DelightFULL is inspired by the jazz style of Dave Brubeck. With an enchanting touch just similar to every time the artist touched his piano, the charming and alluring effect provided by the spiral case will make this unique lighting design shine in a classic and luxury living room design.

Brubeck Round by DelightFULL is inspired by the jazz artist Dave Brubeck. This unique lighting design represents the sophistication and finesse of the American jazz pianist, displaying a very luxurious feeling.

Supernova’s by Boca do Lobo was born from the cataclysmic explosion of a massive star. The instant of a bright starburst that was suspended into a fascinating lighting design. The suspended brass particles of Supernova Chandelier will offer you a timeless, bright, and magnificent setting.

The Etta Suspension Chandelier has the signature of DelightFULL. Etta is a large chandelier inspired by one of the best jazz singers of all time. Being the sophisticated lighting design, it boasts a nostalgic and feminine vibe, making it the right choice for every luxurious interior design.

Hera from Boca do Lobo, is one of the new arrivals of the brand; Hera represents the blossom of a golden new era full of life and inspiring beauty, and it’s inspired by the Queen of the Greek Gods, Mother of Nature and the embodiment of Honor and Maternity.

The Botti Diamond suspension lamp, by DelightFULL, is handmade in brass, boosted with a sophisticated gold-plated finish, and elevated with small series of aluminum spheres creating the unique modern diamond shape, just like it was a precious stone.

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Decorative Screens In High-Ceiling Corners

If you have a large luxury living room with high ceilings, this idea is for you!

Decorative screens emphasize its soaring heights, showing that you can not only fit comfortably into its high profile but that there’s still plenty of room at the top. Also, you can divide, for example, the living room from the dining room with a decorative screen.

Nude sofa, wood coffee table, chandelier gold and black, decorative screen in wood, black and gold tones, grey rug, neutral tones in a luxury living room
Nude sofa, wood coffee table, chandelier gold and black, decorative screen in wood, black and gold tones, grey rug, neutral tones in a living room

The Avenue Folding Screen by Boca do Lobo, is a striking piece that attracts attention and lightens the mood in any space. Its unique characteristics allow it to become a work of art by itself, or it can serve a functional purpose as a room divider. You can place Avenue in your bedroom, in your entrance hall, or in your luxury living room.

Arabica Screen by Caffe Latte, is a remarkable piece of furniture that can really enhance the mood in any space. A visually attracting aesthetic meets a functional purpose with Arabica, made from bronze mirror and Emperador marble with a dark polished finish.

Avenue by Caffe Latte, is a distinctive folding screen that can be easily placed in your luxury living room. Composed of six rotating panels finished in bronze leaf with a high gloss varnish, beige high gloss lacquer, a mosaic of Poplar Root, and a book-matched ebony veneer covered with high gloss varnish.

Cabinets Boca do Lobo

Mirrors: No More Boring Walls

A mirror is always an important piece, which should not be overlooked in any corner of the house because it makes any luxury living room elegant and glamorous.

Nude sofa, nude armchair, marble coffee table, chandelier gold, gold mirror, neutral tones in a luxury living room

The Glance by Boca do Lobo is a contemporary wall mirror with a gold accent for contemporary interiors and elegant rooms.

Angra by Boca do Lobo offers a tribute to the historical city of Angra do Heroísmo in Azores, Portugal. The seductive and elegant mirror, it’s outstanding in its shape and curved design. This large wall mirror it´s the perfect mirror of your luxury living room!

Shield Oval Mirror by Caffe Latte is made entirely from the mirror, bronze brass, and a Light Emperador marble bar. Inspired in the most ancient and valuable armor, the Shield of Achilles, we re-designed the Shield Mirror, the meaning of protection and security.

Piccadilly Mirror by Boca do Lobo is a result of new concepts that featured impossible constructions, explorations of infinity, architecture, and tessellations. With a convex mirror, its frame is made in highly handcrafted poplar.

Colosseum by Caffe Latte is a dazzling full-length floor mirror supported by a Nero Marquina marble base, accented by a brass trim around it. The rings rotate 360 degrees, making this mirror a flexible and perfect piece to decorate your luxury living room.

D. Dinis Fragmented by Boca do Lobo embodies the classic Parisian style in its golden detailed frame while capturing glimpses of irreverent and modern features on the surface

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Invest in Unique Sculptures for Your Luxury Living Room

Create the most of a bland and empty living room corner by displaying a unique art sculpture. Sculptures are one of the best luxury living room corner ideas and can simply fill an empty space.

Grey sofa, marble coffee table, chandelier gold, gold details, neutral tones in a living room

Equator is full of “Portugal ”: soul, navigators & discovery, represented by the embossed hammered brass and the elegant wood lines. The delicate and detailed craftsmanship equals one unique jewelry piece. Ideal for exclusive interiors, this exclusive piece of furniture can be placed in any luxury living room giving it an elegant style providing a journey of pure comfort and relaxation.

Wormley by Essential Home is the perfect side table for engineering minds. It’s a round table that features a skillful structure made of pipe rings, a hallmark of excellence in metalwork that supports a clear glass on the top. This side table is a stunning piece that showcases the best design can offer.

Jacobsen Side Table by Essential Home brings together one of the most timeless color combinations in the interior design world.

Pixel Cabinet by Boca do Lobo presents a ground-breaking work of pioneering design. This piece carries the dedication and art of those who built it, a variety of traditional production techniques to craft an avant-garde storage piece.

Hepburn Cabinet by Mid Century Club is inspired by one of the most refined names in the Hollywood industry. The Hepburn cabinet is a timeless piece of splendid design. Its mid-century inspiration makes this a unique cabinet for your home that brings a certain elegance to any space.

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Rugs: The Key Piece For Your Living Room

A rug is a key piece that complements any setting, decoration of a luxury living room.

Green and blue sofa, black coffee table with gold details, gold chandelier, white tones in a living room

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Include an Extra Arrangement Like a Chair

If you have a larger living room, then this idea it’s for you. An Armchair is a statement piece in any interior design. Here you can find a selection of 6 luxury armchairs to transform your luxury living room.

Grey sofa with gold details, marble poplar root coffee table, nude armchairs, grey tones in a living room

The Colombia armchair by Caffe Latte is inspired by its coffee taste, breathes comfort and elegance into any living room design.

Essex Armchair by Caffe Latte is upholstered in velvet and has a base in walnut veneer matte that adds charisma. It will add refined elegance to any luxury living room set that only velvet chairs are capable of.

Plum armchair by BRABBU, with matte-aged brass legs, has a fully upholstered synthetic leather armchair that celebrates grandeur and opulence. Place it in a luxury living room set and this modern leather armchair will instantly add a sophisticated feel.

Saboteur single sofa by LUXXU is inspired by the noir movie scene; the Saboteur is the perfect meeting between luxury and comfort. Using only the finest materials, such as velvet and brass, this armchair will become your favorite dwelling in the house.

Soleil armchair by Boca do Lobo is a synthesis of styles and senses. Inspired by the spirit and mission of the famous Cirque de Soleil, the purpose is to invoke, provoke and evoke. Soft, sultry curves gently embrace the sitter in this elegant vintage and contemporary style armchair.

Imperfectio modern armchair by Boca do Lobo is the expression of imperfect aesthetic, the appeal of authentic art that is truer to life.

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