Kelly Wearstler: The Fearless Interior Designer

Kelly Wearstler is an Interior Designer known for designing some of the most outstanding residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces. A big inspiration around the world as she relies on her unique style and shows no fear of defying the guidelines in the Interior Design world. Kelly’s particular style is so unique because of the way she shows no fear in risking, in taking chances and letting her artistic side flow.

He who has overcome his fears will truly be free

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The Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler was born in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and represents the interconnection between the past and present style. Her own vision of things has already charmed big personalities, for example, Gwen Stefani and Cameron Diaz and led her to be recognized in awards as Elle Décor’s A-List or Time Magazine The Design 100.

Here Are Some Of Kelly’s Residential Projects Shown On Her Website

Tribeca Loft In New York

new york home design balcony

This is the perfect example of Kelly’s maximalism and artistic extravagance. This living room is filled with natural light that reflects into the metallic environment that the interior designer likes so much. Here, there is no room for monotony.

Bellagio Residence in Bel Air, CA

The Battle Between Modern and Classic

This amazing Dining Room in Bellagio Residence has the touch of different styles combined, being the symbol of an alliance between distinct periods of time and particular tones. This is what we should expect from Kelly Wearstler’s defying mindset.

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Evergreen Residence in Mercer Island, WA

This project made by the American Interior Designer in Washington aligns with the owner’s unique art collection and uses it as a way of complementing the creative environment of each section of the house. The harmony present in each space contrasts with all the different styles around this home, contrasting its uniqueness and playful design.

Seal Beach Residence in CA

In this project, the Interior Designer brings true harmony between the home and the environment. Every piece is in sync with the natural and beachy tones that represent this beautiful place. This project truly reflects the idea of art present in Interior Design. Every piece is a small brush stroke in Kelly’s painting, a wonderful work of art.

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