Hologram Cabinet by Studio Swine – A step Into the Digital World

Studio Swine is an Anglo-Japanese design studio making extraordinary projects around the world which examines the role of design in the modern day, the power of the vernacular and the future of resources in luxury design.

Hologram Cabinet

Buffets ans Cabinets blog brings you today an incredible wooden cabinet inspired by geometric forms and shapes, and developed by Studio Swine – the Hologram Cabinet.

Hologram Cabinet

This contemporary cabinet was inspired by Curiosity Cabinet of the 16th Century which presented a microcosm or “theater of the world” through a collection of objects and information. Hologram Cabinet contains a 3D prism, each facets live-streams data gathered from around London, information such as the Thames tidal levels, number of TFL bikes currently in use, and energy consumption of the prime minister’s residence – are displayed fluctuating throughout the day.

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Prism Cabinet by Studio Swine (1)The Hologram Cabinet provides an alternative to computers and mobile phones as portholes into the digital world; exploring how a piece of furniture can give form and value to the infinite collection of meta-data that exists online.

Prism Cabinet by Studio Swine (3)

As well as collecting data from London, the Hologram Cabinet is made with hardwoods sourced from across London. Reclaimed parquet flooring in mahogany, maple and teak have been inlayed with natural marmoleum in fractured patterns that resonates with the data graphics streamed from the V&A.

Prism Cabinet by Studio Swine (2)

The cabinet was made in collaboration with Keiichi Matsuda, Commissioned by Veuve Clicquot for Andaz Hotel Liverpool Stret.

Prism Cabinet by Studio Swine (6)

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