Fascinating Handmade Sideboard – “Volumptuous” by Edward Johnson

One look at this amazing handmade sideboard would probably lead one to believe “Volumptuous” by Edward Johnson is a work of art. Lucky for us, it is also a functional furniture piece of great design inspiration.

“Volumptuous’ is a truly unique sideboard, a piece that tested me as a maker and made me feel uncomfortable as a designer.

“Volumptuous” by Edward Johnson (2)

Using the latest of material technology, ‘Volumptuous’ is handmade in Oak and internally lined with the aromatic Cedar of Lebanon.

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“Volumptuous” by Edward Johnson (4)

The once square frame work was hand shaped to follow each laminated panels form, and then lightly fumed with ammonia to achieve the chocolate brown colouring.

Fascinating Handmade Sideboard - “Volumptuous” by Edward Johnson (1)

Volumptuous is as sensuous as furniture gets, visually stimulating, enticingly tactile and beautifully scented.

Fascinating Handmade Sideboard - “Volumptuous” by Edward Johnson (5)It speaks a thousand words about what I believe my work is about.- stated designer Edward Johnson.

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