How to Work With Buffet and Cabinet Designers

Today we’re are going to provide you with a walkthrough about working with Buffet and Cabinet Designers, in order to help you define and communicate your vision while sharing tips on working with design professionals.

When you select furniture pieces for your home, especially if they are expensive ones, there are some questions to ask your cabinet designer and questions to ask yourself.

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Find inspiration. You do not need to have all the answers, but you should at least conceptualize what your finished picture might look like. Expect this vision to change a bit as you get into the design phase, but keep it going.


Make sure you define de details. Think That when you look to your interior, you fall in love with the buffet or cabinet. Color, textures, finishes are extremely important and they must go well with the design you have in mind for your all interior.

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It is essential to ask all potential designers to explain the process of working with them. It is very important to maintain communication between them, so you can review plans, orders, shipments and more.


Finally, you have to be very patient. This types of pieces can take a very long time to produce, and imagine if it’s custom made. Don’t panic, it seems like a long time, but try to accompany the complete process and you’ll see that it’s easier.

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