Top 10 Tall Cabinets With Stunning Wooden Finishes

Tall Cabinets can have different types of doors. It can be a sliding door, coplanar door or hooked doors. These days, this pieces already come in various designs and finishes that would fit whatever interior you will have. So today we are going to show you the top 10 Tall Cabinets with stunning wooden finishes, to spice up your interior.

Tall Cabinets

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This handcrafted, extremely versatile and unique piece is ideal for storing glassware and fine silver collectibles – a great complement to any classic or modern interior setting. The Guggenheim tall cabinet is available in two finishes (rosewood or palisander), with black lacquered wood top and legs.

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What you can see is an Oak wardrobe with sliding doors that added beauty to this contemporary bedroom.


The overall look of this place is stunning and much of it includes the visual impact from this tall wall cabinet with light walnut finish and some blue glass accents.


Want a tall cabinet with an open layout? This one is more like it with some drawers for your smaller items.

Tall Cabinets

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Remarkable and majestic, the Piccadilly tall cabinet sits comfortably in a league of its own. Taking contemporary furniture design to the very next level, the Piccadilly’s intricate hand carved details, impeccable gold leaf and wood veneer application and astounding form.


The overall look of this place is stunning and much of it includes the visual impact from this wardrobe with light walnut finish and some blue glass accents.


We are sure you would love this! It isn’t only space saving but it also have a siting area near the window. This cabinet has a finish from custom stained wood.

Tall Cabinets


A remarkable piece for a modern home decor, the Orion tall cabinet is made of wood snuggled by a kind of a brass web whose structure reminds the constellation. This cabinet is the ideal home furniture piece for storage with style in a modern home decor.


Custom made tall cabinet with drawers for the homeowner’s other belongings.

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A combination of Ample solid wood plus natural oak to come up with this wardrobe of contemporary design. Hope you liked it and feel free to see more inspirations and ideas on our blog.

Tall Cabinets

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