10 Stunning Living Room Wall Cabinets For Contemporary Homes

From open shelving, wall integrated or even just a TV stand, wall cabinets have a wide range of designs for contemporary interiors, and today we’re going to presenting you with some of the best Wall Cabinets for modern living rooms.

Wall Cabinets


When selecting wall-hung pieces, modular designs are versatile and allow for multiple arrangements in segmented storage.

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Modular unit combinations are limited only by your imagination, elongated units can undulate across a wall, be a tall straight locker shape, or even turned on their side as a long horizontal line.


Contrasting cupboard door colors can create a more interesting finish in a piece of living room furniture.


But, if you have a plain room, pick pieces that pop to bring sharp edged impact to your interior design.

Wall Cabinets


Multiple shaped units can be grouped together to provide many different storage options on one wall of a room.


This type of multifunctional unit arrangement also creates a great solution for an entertainment wall


There really are no rules when it comes to creating a loose layout, though lining up the left and right edges do keep things looking neat and tidy.

Wall Cabinets


Consider using taller units at each end when creating a home library–the two sides will work as built-in bookends to stop your collection from sliding off.


Wall mounted units are a good option to maximize on floor space too.

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Wall Cabinets

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