Striking Methacrylate Cabinet Design by Edra Scrigno

Today the Blog Buffets and Cabinets presents the striking Methacrylate Cabinet Design by Edra Scrigno. Shiny and whimsical pieces that will stand out in any interior design decoration. We are going to present you many variations of this cabinet including colors. We have already fallen in love with this piece and you are about to be as well. Get ready!

Striking Methacrylate Cabinet Design by Edra Scrigno

Cabinets with doors and drawers, high or low, with inner structure in wood finished with special metallic paint coordinated with the outer facing, a skilful assemblage of mirror-finish methacrylate shapes, cut by laser, cleaned and totally applied by hand.

Striking Methacrylate Cabinet Design by Edra Scrigno

For use at the centre of a room, a “Scrigno finish” back can be provided upon request. Wooden structure finished with special paints for a high level of metallization.

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Striking Methacrylate Cabinet Design by Edra Scrigno

Cladding with pieces of Coloreflex mirror-finish methacrylate. Doors with wing opening and inner shelves in painted wood and glass; drawers with tracks for total extraction.

Base in steel tubing with adjustable feet. The product can be customized to meet the needs of the client, in compliance with current regulations.

What it better than one Cabinet by Edra Scrigno? Two! The fact that these are made of mirror gives a special dramatic effect in the room.

This electric blue is only for the brave! Take a chance and see how you could see it fit in your home.

This picture is absolutely amazing! Because of the drawing in the walls the many reflections show an impressive dynamic.

This tall cabinet has 6 useful drawers.

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