Best Furniture Designs: Ehud Oren’s Photosynthesys Collection

On the Best Furniture Designs, Israeli artist Ehud Oren presents ‘Photosynthesis’ at Braverman Gallery in Tel Aviv. Curated by New York-based design studio Ghiora Aharoni, the furniture objects on show are a reinterpretation of the mundane, as Oren shrouds domestic items, such as a bench, dresser, and armoires, with printed photographs of every day street-scapes of Tel Aviv and New York City. The juxtaposition of exterior and interior objects and landscapes prompts the viewer to question notions of routine and familiarity. The quotidian critique celebrates the seemingly stagnant surroundings and realities most individuals take for granted.

best furniture

Trapezoid Dresser

best furniture

best furniture

Bark bar

best furniture

“I’m single etc”

best furniture

best furniture

Wide view of the gallery space

‘Photosynthesis’ is a collection of furniture cleverly disguised as real-world objects. The photos range from mundane piles of cardboard to breathtaking pictures of boats.

“Decompression1” Chest

“Decompression” side view with drawers open

“Deconstruction2” a dresser with an image of a building exterior shrouding the front

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Left image: “Tower” an elongated armoire decorated in a building-exterior cityscape

Right image: alternate view of the “Tower” showing the painted-green shelving system and an additional armoire piece in the background

Wide view of the four armoire towers

Detailed view of a building exterior image coating one of the city armoires

The “Asphalt Trunk” work in progress

Easily the best pieces of ‘Photosynthesis’ are the cabinets designed to look like apartments. It is nearly impossible to discern the doors and drawers in the cabinets, which look more like miniature models of apartment buildings than anything else. The pieces that aren’t disguised as apartments are equally as incredible, with the bundle of cardboard dresser being something that I could easily envision owning. If you are into deceptive furniture designs, then you will definitely want to check out ‘Photosynthesis’ from Ehud Oren.

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