Discover The Best Modern Cabinets Designs By Vincent Dubourg

Vincent Dubourg is a French artist which designs are very creative and represent luxury and modern themes. In last december the artist presented an exhibition in New York focusing on metallic furniture pieces. In this article we are going to take a look at some of his best modern cabinets.

The exhibition in New york ocurred from 2 November to 23 December and he displayed some exclusive designs.

modern cabinetsAluminium was the main component of this gallery art, this cabinet designs appear to be frozen midway through exploding.

modern cabinets

Is well known that Dubourg frequently works with metal to create deconstructed furniture, making unique and exquisite looks.

modern cabinets

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The following piece is a bronze furniture art, making one of the most interesting buffets and sideboards pieces today.

This contemporary designs excited the furniture show and has cativated a lot of curiosity about it’s creation and process.

The next one is made by a wood bending and metal casting techniques, the trademark of it’s buffets and cabinets.

The viewer is presented with a view into the interior space of an object while examining the deconstruction of the original classic form and the creation of a new form and function.

This picture above represents the details of “double buffet nouvelle zélande”, one of his intriguing cabinets.

As Vincent Dubourg says: There is a desire to know the origin of shape in order to remove it from its context and deconstruct its form. The destruction is necessary for the construction of a new order. Tt is irreversible and necessary, just as in nature.

Wood is certainly one of Dubourg’s favorite materials to create incredible pieces of furniture. The process of the creation of some of its cabinets are very important to explain the concept.

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