Legacy: The Luxury Magazine of Design and Craftsmanship

Boca do Lobo unveils the new edition of Legacy, the luxury magazine of design and craftsmanship. This second edition aims to honor and elevate every designer and craftsmen, artists in this journey and show the world the lost art of craftsmanship brand through their eyes and voices.


Boca do Lobo was born from heritage and innovation; with the strong belief that the success and growth have been determined by the commitment to design, produce and carry luxury furniture and unique experiences.

The design brand continues to preserve the cultural legacy while successfully move towards the future, and remain to be ahead of the of the design scene. You can download for free here.


Craftsmanship is about making something that is so unique it can only be made one time. The skill that someone uses when they make beautiful things with their hands. This is the real luxury.


Joinery is one of the most elementary concepts in woodworking that connects different pieces of wood. A basic yet precious foundation that built the pieces’ skeleton, therefore we have always put this efficient technique in the spotlight of our designs.
A knowledge that valuable woodworkers have been putting into Boca do Lobo’s designs to make sure to enlighten one-of-kind silhouettes.

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Majestic Sideboard

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Wood carving is one of the oldest arts of humankind, and to make sculpturing ornaments in a wooden object creates undeniable exceptional details.


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From the land of iconic arts, the leaf gilding is one of the most treasurable and richest crafts techniques. The application of a thin layer of gold, silver or copper, has been a process of ornamental decoration used on different materials and surfaces. Architecture is also one of the creative fields that rely on leaf’s rich look on buildings and design components, evoking unique moments of rare opulence.

luxury magazineBoca do Lobo have always paid tribute to this ancient technique and different leaves can be unveiled in several pieces along the collection like the imposing Gold screen from the limited edition. Layer by layer, this is a time consuming and very detailed technique but at the end, the texture, depth, and richness are truly worthy.

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D. Manuel Cabinet

Cabinet Design Pieces with History: Discover the D. Manuel Cabinet Design icons get price



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Portugal, the country of whimsical beaches, Porto wine, seafood, and also azulejos. Being one of the most representative art forms of the Portuguese culture, the hand-painted tiles reflect a tradition with hundreds of years, and it often portrays scenes from our history or its fabulous sights.

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A very ornate yet refined element which inspired the Heritage series from Boca do Lobo, a collection that displays different layers, each one illustrating a different story.

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Among the remaining Portuguese artists of azulejo and a member of our team is Mr. Araújo, a brilliant mind who is always looking to create antique things and historic panels yet in a forward-thinking way. The challenge today has been to find new aesthetic concepts since the tile itself will be always the same.

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Heritage Sideboard

sideboard Behind the Scenes: The Making of the Heritage Sideboard icons get price



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Nowadays the metalworking can be truly artful to conceive a wide range of large-scale structures, assemblies, to the most delicate jewelry. Since early, Boca do Lobo has no restrained to use different processes and tools to shape new designs, by giving to our pieces rough yet powerful expression.

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One of the processes we appreciated the most is the art of casting metal, where the metal is heated until molten into a chosen shape and size. It gave birth to outstanding pieces like Newton series or the iconic Eden series. This technique is one of the most used for making intricate forms that would be difficult to have from other methods, including the sand casting.

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Lapiaz Sideboard

Maison Et Objet Boca do Lobo’s Sideboards Ready for Maison Et Objet icons get price



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Maison Et Objet Boca do Lobo’s Sideboards Ready for Maison Et Objet icons get price



Usually described as the place where success works in silence.

Capturing the details and the peculiarities of the materials, sometimes standing on the tables and other times laying forgotten or thrown away in a corner is one of the crucial steps of Boca do Lobo’s creative journey.

Angra Sideboard

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