Discover Boca do Lobo’s Modern Cabinets for this Summer

Boca do Lobo is a furniture company that sells worldwide and it stands out of their competition through the luxury design they have and the fantastic artisans that got the talent to work the pieces and build modern cabinets. In this post, you will be able to see some of those modern cabinets that are conquering the world not only because of their looks but because of the passion, history, and felling that they transmit.


The Symphony Cabinet

Oh the Symphony, this magnificent piece is inspired, as the name itself indicates, in classical music and in the well-known tubes of the organs in the churches of the past century.

Boca do Lobo created this cabinet to inspire not only its owners but also all those who look at it, this handmade piece is made of polished brass tubes on the outside, in an allusion to the organ tubes, and is made of three shelves and five drawers with Rosewood finish, giving it a powerful image, making it difficult not to notice, just like the organs in the churches.


The Oporto Cabinet

modern cabinets


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Porto, one of the most spoken city in Europa nowadays because of the food the weather the people and of course the architecture, and all this influence had to inspire Boca do Lobo‘s designers to design a piece to honor the city where the company is based.

Intricately designed, this cutting-edge piece was inspired by the city and the rhythmic undulating of its black slate rooftops and building facades. Through reflection ingredients such as irony, drama and extravagance were added and Oporto came to life. With a focus on authenticity and quality, the piece was build and its form reflects a refined sense of luxury and character that only improves with time.


The Pixel Cabinet

modern cabinets

Unique, there are no two equal pieces, there are no two equal Pixel’s, Pixel is made out of more than a thousand handpainted triangles by Boca do Lobo craftsmanship.

This luxury cabinet design is a powerful statement piece that will make the difference in any room it’s in, the structure of the cabinet is very appreciated by art lovers and matches very well with the top box, the interior has a platform where the user can save is the finest whiskey and some drawers.


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