Unique Designs: The Cut & Paste Collection by Kiki Van Eijk

For unique designs, we share with you the stunning Cut & Paste Collection by Kiki Van Eijk.

How many items come to life without the aid of a computer these days? How many products are conceived, sketched out and produced by hand? Cut & Paste, a new collection of work by Studio Kiki van Eijk for Secondome, is a project that puts the emphasis on the very distinct personalities of the objects that reference a great many items and ideas. Commissioned by Claudia Pignatale, director of the Roman design gallery, the seven curiosities of Cut & Paste are an expression of everyday aesthetics, experimentation, tactility, materials and creativity.

Cabinet Cart

A deep green box topped with a gold-plated ceramic jug sits upon a barrow-like base with brass wheels. Open the door to a soft light set under a glass plate where items can be displayed or stored.

Crate Shade

Like a throne of illumination, a tall black ladder acts as a base for a golden ceramic light shade reflected in the mirrors of its surrounding crate. The rungs can be adorned with any items that need shelving.


A plain, green ceramic circle of a clock face is set in a cage-like framework of twisted brass wire that sits on a glass plate upon a white ceramic stand. There is a traditional feel to this airy, sculptural timekeeper.

unique designs

Vertical Clock

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unique designs

Vertical Clock (detail)

The importance of time is highlighted by the unusual experience of reading it in this clock with hands moving vertically under a cloche. Brass wire tops the glass, like the flame of a candle and the clock sits in a ceramic holder on a pedestal; again, a blend of old and new.

unique designs

Machine Box

A perambulator, a spinning wheel, a band saw – different images come to mind at the sight of this circular storage box that sits on an oak stand. One half of the box is of hand-stitched felt, the other is mirrored. The shape is intriguing and the purpose practical.

unique designs

Stack of Furniture

The elements of this piece are combined to support each other in a relationship where each piece is necessary. A steel box on brass legs holds ceramic drawers and is topped with a mirror. It supports a chair whose role almost bier-like, propping up a box that acts as a cupboard.

unique designs


A clocktower of varied storage, the Totem sports a gold ceramic clock face that perches upon three cupboards, one of which is open and set with a mirror.

Source: Mocoloco

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