Get Amazed with Mattia Bonetti’s Best Modern Cabinets

From the very beginning, Mattia Bonetti was aware of objects, shapes, and art. His work is known to be whimsical, surreal and unique, and his modern cabinets are no exception.

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His work consistently merges everything about art and design and it is very pleasing to lays our eyes on. Since his early ages, the artist got its inspiration sparked by whatever surrounded him due to his parents being connected to the world of arts and design. Moving to Paris in 1972, Bonetti initially worked within his chosen field of textile design, but then decided to explore further and developed a career as a stylist and photographer.

For Bonetti, there was never a barrier between art and design, he did his best to come up with a modern design that explored the product to the fullest. Approaching this concept, he successfully managed to conceive a creative dialogue in all his pieces and this is why his modern cabinets are so uniquely outstanding and why Buffets and Cabinets love it so much.




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Fun and alluring, this is how his modern cabinets could simply be described by us. Perfect to be the center of attention of your living room decor and enhancing everything that is amazing about the interior design. The artist perfectly combines glamour with a distinctive intelligence and originality like no other.

“My major sources of inspiration are nature and art history, stretching from prehistoric times up to now, I keep my eyes wide open, all the time,” he says.

His contemporary art is innovative and merges the concept of being a beautiful and luxury furniture piece whilst also being practical objects for your home.




Mattia Bonetti is always dreaming about coming up with new creations, his favorite material is a sheet of paper and a pencil so he can sketch and put his thoughts and dreams into reality. His pieces are uniquely crafted in the most common materials such as metal, glass, acrylic, and resin, but Bonetti employs these in a surprising way, resulting in these utterly amazing modern cabinets we have been showing you so far.

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