Perfect Italian Luxury Bathroom Cabinet Design

When creating the perfect bathroom design, you can choose between a large number of different styles and combinations of color, textures, and in this case, cabinets. So today Buffets and Cabinets brings you a special feature of some of the best Italian cabinet designs for modern Luxury Bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom


In this vanity unit the basin color blends with the surrounding material; the overall look is as a solid piece of furniture rather than a bathroom specific fixture.

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A storage section accessed via the top of this bathroom vanity unit is an unexpected find, and it’s easy to see how top accessed storage cubbies could keep countertops clutter free.


This is the perfect choice for modern bathroom design, with a stunning wall cabinet with wood finish.

Luxury Bathroom


An independent slide-away drawer unit is an interesting solution.


A half-spherical bathroom basin appears to perch precariously on the very edge of this minimalist vanity block; fed by a freestanding faucet it seems almost independent of its mount.


Luxury Bathroom


The unusual slope of this bathroom cabinet base is a new approach to drainage.

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This block walnut vanity unit with integrated basin keeps a contemporary scheme looking streamlined. The wall mounted faucet takes the form of a neat glass shelf, complete with a place for a small floral display. Hope you liked it and feel free to see more inspirations and ideas on our blog.

Luxury Bathroom

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