The Eclectic Squid Cabinet Design by Moloform

The Eclectic Squid Cabinet design by Moloform, a matter of contrasts, is a daring piece of furniture that complements modern and playful interiors.

cabinet design

The Squid Cabinets on the available colors: acid yellow, acid red and white.

It’s not something your grandmother would choose to decorate the interior of her living room. With eight classic legs but a modern central body, Moloform’s eclectic creation boasts asymmetric drawers. To blend into any environment, Squid comes also in white. You can choose between two types of Squids (and none of the options implies translucent tentacles): regular and bold, both available in white or splashed with bright neon colors, such as yellow or magenta.

cabinet design

The version in Acid Yellowcabinet designSquid is for those who feel like adding a sense of fun to their homes. The cabinet is entirely made of solid wood and its surface, lacquered. The striking simplicity and the rigid geometrical shape of its central body make it, in fact, a complex contemporary piece of furniture that can easily become the center of attention in your house.

cabinet design

The version in white – Amazing!

cabinet design

The Acid Red version – a bolder choice.

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cabinet design

Detail os the legs- 8 in each cabinet.

Moloform is a group of designers and craftspeople who work together to design and alter products. Their way of working is as simple as their products. Moloform is not a large firm and has no intention of becoming one; They just do what they believe in.

Drawers detail

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Source: FresHome